SMC219Y1 Lecture 3: SMC219Y1 First Term Lecture 3

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St. Michael's College Courses
Steve Hoselton

The Chained Book Chain books say that they are o valuable o Scarce This is the books before printing Before printing they were handwritten A wealthy person with a large library may have 10 books at that time Universities may have 100 books (10 places in the world with that many books in the medieval ages) It was far less practical at that time There is less knowledge in the world o Because of the difficulty to gather knowledge in one place Polymath o A person who knows pretty much of many things o At one time in the middle ages, a polymath know about everything there is to know o It is not possible now o At that time there is not that much information There are not that much books People have limited literacy causing o No social mobility o You cannot change you status in life o Largely because you cannot really get the tools unless they were already available to you Married o People tend to marry people in their own class People will not change People die young o Average lifespan is 30 o Women die younger than man childbirth o Childhood death When you look at people like King Arthur or Lancelot o They may be only 10 to 20 When printing came along Western Printing o Johannes Gutenberg o Print the Gutenberg bible 1455 o It does not take two months to make the book o More and more people can afford books o If you got books, the tendency is that you would want to read them Early books as they have many pictures o People buy the books for pictures o Status Printing press culture impacts o Cheaper o More accessible o Leads to a growth of literacy o New ideas and outside ideas o You have a book to tell you what is going on o You know that important things are happening outside your village
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