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SMC219Y1 – LECTURE NOTES October 2, 2013: Newspaper:  newspapers are defined as available to a wide audience, have periodicity - come out at regular intervals, cover a variety of stories, have a specific identity - name is constant,  newspapers were not invented by evolved  they developed as a commercial enterprise, developed to make money  can be traced 2000 years during the Tipao, a series of court records that was circulated to other courtiers  also traced to the Acta, news of laws made in Rome, written out and posted to the public  early ancestor is also the town crier, person shouting out the news, language of the area and you don't need to read the news, just listen  printing spread the idea of newspapers, but it didn't revolutionize it  Venice in the 1300s, they had the gazetta - first newspaper - it was handwritten, collection of news about shipping in particular the tides, the ships, imports and exports, pirates, arrival dates, not many copies because it was handwritten, a single copy would be shared by many in public spaces; Venice was a trading city  newsbooks were similar to newspapers; not a reliable source of information but kept people aware of the stuff around them  newspapers were influential then because people could know about events and information outside of their home  another form of a gazetta was found in Amsterdam 200 years after Venice’s called the coranto; major sea ports with many travellers  newspaper forms developed slower in places like London and Paris where trade wasn't as important  newspapers evolved in terms of commerce; faster in places with more trade and business  newspapers were oppressed in some areas pre- revolutionary usa because it was hard to control The development of the newspaper in Canada:  Canadian newspaper development happened much later than the Americans’ because the population was very small with very few resources, and major colonies were French at
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