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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Steve Hoselton

SMC219Y1 – LECTURE NOTES October 30, 2013  Music has gone through more changes than any other piece of technology or medium  There have been radical changes in recorded music because of technology  We can see the changes in our lifetime compared to other media Harold Innis on Media:  Famous Canadian historian who founded the "Toronto Story", theory about media  Was interested in how the nation was formed and what prompted its growth  Fought in WWI; saw it as the first technological fought war, technology became more important than war strategy; saw it as dangerous; technology destroys culture; was responsible for propaganda, caused much deaths  Distrusted but did not dismis technology  recognized that Canada couldn't exist without the railroad (to transport settlers from various territories of Canada) and the the telegraph (sped communication faster)  technology becomes problematic when it speeds too fast, faster than the culture its intended for  Distinguished between time-binding versus space-binding o Time-binding communication is the permanent stuff that restores culture, reinforces values; examples are lectures, books and the oral tradition; link us to the past, strengthen us o Space-binding do not connect us to our sense of self and history; are disposable; examples are television, newspapers, radio; draws too much attention to itself; loss of cultural identity and monopolies of power; people are passive
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