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University of Toronto St. George
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Steve Hoselton

SMC219Y1LECTURE NOTES Noam Chomsky Chapter 17Wednesday January 15 20141013 AMJanuary 15 2014 Theory Noam Chomsky Is an anarchist means no rulerThis does not imply chaosHad distrust of authority Believes that most authority is illegitimate they dont have the right to have authority and will go to great lengths to keep this poweronce they have this power they no longer serve the peoples needs Inherent qualitiesAssumes that humanity is a certain way based on their tendencies Locke and Hobbes had opposing views of humanity LockeoHumanity was fundamentally good if you strip away laws possessions privacy take everything away they are good in our natural state we are good everything from institutions to materials were the reason we became badHobbesoHumanity is badoWe need to be disciplined by the institutions and possessions and all that Locke said turned humanity evil Chomsky agrees with Locke the more we create systems the less happy we areoProblemsIts just an assumption just an unreliable commonsense knowledge
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