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September 17  Humans distinguish themselves through creation and confirms their identity.  Creation is translated as the word work - at the core of human creativity.  Ex. Work to do things that are good for the community  Abandon frye  Sicoro – wrote many books in the times of western civ. - > the concerns that have been translated in many languages  First part : concerns that are useful  Second part : useless concerns – not in particular to help with life but is on a different level - not useful for good HONEST  The blending of the two : concerns of the humans more practical needs as well as more creative things : conscious work of unity : practical and honest  Frye : human concerns  Mass media  The mass that defines mass media  The mass of human mass  Many people using media ... makes this a mass media  Mass medium is made by all human beings that communicate  Language does not exist in nature – man made Books  First bible 1455  First book made in germany in 1450 gudenberg  180 copies of the book were made  The mechanical way of printing books – prior to this the book was dismembered first into different sections and then different writers would copy the pages : community of work ; every manuscript was different and mistakes were made – owning a book was for the privileged few  Immediately after the print revolution there was a language revolution  In the Americas, south America, in 1539 premiering in print the first printer pablos – Spanish translation of the Gianni  in lima , peru 1591 by Jesuitism for educational books  the first book to arrive was carried by the mayflower in 1620 (imported)  1640 the first printed book called the book of pslam  Books started developing and became profitabl
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