SMC 219 First Lecture

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St. Michael's College Courses
Francesco Guardiani

Broadcast Media & Culture in Society  All tests (multiple choice) will be based on the Biagi text  Short essay questions will come from XEROX  *****10 books listed are primary critical material for our essays*****  Theoretical material  final test  Practical first test Lecture  1 medium  singular  2 media  plural  Medium  used to indicate several expressions of communication  ex. Radio, Internet, TV, etc.  Medium helps us understand all FORMS of human communication  Functions as a plural perception or media of comprehension  Medium is an OBJECT  something which is external to us  Being in between the middle of OUR sensorium and the world around us  Distance gives authority to be in the middle  to SURFACE identity as a medium  External world is problematic because it can be something OUTSIDE the solid  More mental image  Definitely is FLEXIBLE  pacemaker is technically INSIDE the body, but we consider is an external object  We understand things by EXTENDING our capacity and our SENSES in the broadest sense  Our human identity becomes enlarged  bigger than itself  Why do humans perceive?  Communicating THROUGH the senses  we NEED to  We live through the e
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