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Steve Hoselton

17/01/11 Lecture 3 Xerox Package Medium as a living organism; a biological metaphor.  Living as manmade.  The medium as a creation.  This medium is manmade/ created by us to enhance our comprehension of the world around us.  This medium is an artifact for human creation.  The above are all synonyms.  These artifacts are necessary expression of our own identity. This is literary and anthrolopological idea.  It’s a fundamental action that is by McLuhan and Frye.  Concerns of concerns are needs of humans to create – this is necessity/obligation for humans to create; fundamental urge to create something  Primary concern: need to eat, drink, freedom of movement  Most common media is language. Page 15 bottom  Ex) from Latin literature in one book by Cicero (2000 years ago): book about all the concerns of the people that is useful for mankind. What do humans do useful; what we need (food/air/water). In second part, he describes what is opposite of that is useful: called HONEST; that which is honest. Honest for Cicero is something that is beautiful, has no practical function; not useful for anything. In this category, which puts our best part of identity are imaginations/ ingenuity/ craftsmanship as when you project/envision something. This word honest remained in lit for centuries. Page 14  Dante (1265-1321): foundation of Western lit. Dante started the modern lit (MLA). Dante’s famous poem speaks of honesty, beauty; Beatrice appears so kind and so honest. This honesty relates to kindness.  Honest doesn’t mean someone that steals  This concept is what makes intellectual medium is made of – has no practical effects. It puts human beings at the level that is the highest. Page 15 - 17  The essential elements of medium (laws of any media)   (1) Law of Retrieval (starting, but not starting from nothing). Retrieval is not necessarily a transformation, but an invention based on an idea or a need. o Most obvious retrieval: Fashion industry; fashion back to 70s.  (2) Laws of Enhancement and (***) o Enhancement: a new medium is constantly enhancing. We create/use/understand to enhance, to upgrade; o By enhancing: more notions, more impressions, more general understanding, we have decrease in analytical understanding.  (3) Law of Reverse Soul (most dramatic). o In Understanding the media: the extensions of man by McLuhan, is the reverse soul…. Overheated medium flips to its opposite.  Life of medium does not need to follow these laws – these are expressions. Page 17 17/01/11  How long does it take for medium to live? Wh
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