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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Steve Hoselton

19/01/11 Lecture 4 Xerox package Pg. 18 – Media Attributes  Ideas must be able to apply to practical examples; you have to “know” what to look for  Media attributes are elements of description of medium  To define something you need some attributes. In defining a “medium”, we look for categories responding to these attributes. Videos:  Hot and Cool: Undefined face has a possibility of different interpretation. Idea that everyone is baby face, is because people see what they want to. It’s the lack of highly defined characters – it’s the Cool face. Cooler face is the LESS defined face. Cooler the face, the more successful on Television. Doing the extra effort to interpret – the cooler face, the cooler personality will become the icon. The iconic personality will become the LEADER. Cool can shift from one level os perception to another.  Our perception is still visually biased. We hear what we see rather than what we hear because the strength of sight is much superior to that of other senses. Visual perception indicates also the visual space.  Pg. 49 in Xerox: We are back in acoustic space o  McG
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