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St. Michael's College Courses
Francesco Guardiani

SMC219- Monday January 24, 2010 Xerox – “Re-thinking Modernity” – ample discussion of lecture, where does modernity find its basis? Modernity- the most effective way, powerful anchor, typographic culture History of Media- Language - Human language as a mass media - Human language – instinctive - Language is man-made, creation of the mass, not an individual Mass media – create environments Mass media like language has created an environment, land, place in the mind Spoken language includes all senses- it is an operation that includes human nature as a whole, it is a way of enacting emotions Human language is a reduction of our emotions/ desires There is a sensibility Artificial – we have intervened to change something “philosopher of the software” – language as the first software “Henri Bergson” “Language does for intelligence what the wheel does for the feet and the body” – McLuhan *Poetry – a pure expression of ones creativity due to conscious creativity “tools and content” Global village means everyone will understand everyone – all speak the same language Electric culture: new because of the nature itself in connecting the world at the same time – in itself a change in condition – impulse to have one single language is obvious one Recognition of this particularly first medium of language The written language is another medium – learn here about the passage from one medium to the next – the medium that amplifies or intensifies The spoken language becomes the content of the written language. Written language is full of words. Written language is seen as the recorder. Those signs on wax, bronze, stone, had power of recreating actor/words Writing is not the same as speaking – recognized by Frye – Print content is the manuscript- whatever the manuscript is becomes the content of print… Those books have been created over thousands of years, new medium took over – this specialization of electronic medium takes the content of the printed production, just like the content of typography was manuscript material, the content of electronics is manuscript material Media become more and more specialized If the written word was the container of speech – then we see the printed word was the container of electronic or computer media… Professor of physics- Robert Logan who wrote the Alphabet effect – two forms of writing: the alphabet (visual or pictographic) and syllabic system in which not every sound but group of sound can be identified by syllable Thesis Logan maintains- “the alphabet (phonetic) in which every sound is a sign is the most abstract of them all” = more artificiality/ more abstract/ more modern In order to reduce language to number of sounds that together create a word rather than syllable is to do a bigger word in abstraction- abstraction is a human activity- more intensely worked- Logan maintains this- creates possibility of approaching problems in a more rational way- possibility of analyzing
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