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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Francesco Guardiani

Lecture 8 – February 2, 2011 SMC 219 - test #1 Review - First Part o 28 multiple choice - Biagi o 8 true false each worth .5 - Biagi - Second Part 6 o questions worth 4 – Xerox o 1 worth 8 – choice btw 2 o Generic answers - 1 hour - Everything up until now Chapter 1-6 - Look at review, analyze part (international issues) Chapter 6 - Radio o Can become primary medium o 20s when it most dominated (primary) o Family of electronic media o Continuity of inventions from the telegraph o Showed the world how different it had become from the radio o Medium of the dictators – only used by military purpose at the beginning; voice that cannot be responded too (imagination of something) o 1899 – radio invention Marconi o 1934 FED commission of communication– regulates radio licensing o 1936 FM creation o Competes with television in the 40s  TV a cooler medium than radio (high level of participation)  Reacting to more information o Hot medium –
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