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SMC219- Lecture March 7, 2011 Focus on Xerox review for today for test (pg. 73-84 “The Postmodernity of Marshall McLuhan”) Biagi  Chapter 10: Advertising - Biagi says advertising is not a medium but when contrast with Xerox and Biagi- take Xerox position. Advertising is a medium then according to the Xerox package. - Physical tangibility of advertising? – It is a human creation that exists as an environmental agent. Advertising creates, can be explored, is a medium, can be researched. - Commercial approach to advertising - General mass media- advertising source of money- $$$ - Advertising in print media is different from electronic media – vantage point- look at same medium of advertising but in different contexts or environments - Advertising in newspapers: will have all characteristics of print: specific, precise, analytical, detailed, specialized - We live in an electronic age- we have print and electronic advertising- print advertising must take into consideration the presence of a hybrid medium. o Practical aspects: o Re-tribalization – where do we look for it? We can see it in magazines which are specialized communities. General magazines are not successful anymore. They are all specialized and diverse now. Thus this tribal reality is a treasure trove for advertisers because advertisement is effective communication and you become more effective when your audience is specialized! - Advertising in newspapers: 1800s accepted any ads they could get. There was no judgement on the veracity of the advertiser - Advertising in magazines: wary of advertising until 1880s. o Promoted by Cyrus H. K. Curtis o FTC (Federal Trade Commission) created in 1914 by Congress to monitor deceptive advertising. It continues today to be the major government watchdog over advertising - Advertising in radio- more elusive, symbolic, less a descriptive of the advertised product than of the previous medium (print). Radio has orchestras and art programs. Association made with cigarettes and music, sensorial channels (belongs to the second) switching media families. Now we have different sensorial communication and perception- things become more subtle and subliminal, indirect, elusive. Thins get even comical. o Sir Walter Raleigh cigarettes- first time radio collective more money from advertising than magazines did o Programs information and communication with nothing to do – subliminal messages - Big lesson: entered into realm of electronic communication= TV - Advertising on Television: closer to radio than print, hints, suggestions and symbols, details are unnecessary and sketchy. o In a practice adopted from radio, television programs usually carried: Direct sponsorship: a program that carries an advertiser’s name in the program title o TV began as an advertising medium o 2007 TV advertising revenue in U.S totalled nearly $40 billion o TV relies heavily on advertising support Pg. 224- Media Compete Fiercely for Clients - TV has become even more subliminal - Biggest expression of human creativity- advertising in TV- you can expect to see new thins all the time - Cost of advertising is so high that the program they show is cheaper in cost and quality- McLuhan reference - Advertising and the internet needs better definition, still area of trial and error Pg. 216- Know these terms: pop-up, click-through rate and viral marketing - Pop-up: an advertisement on a Web site that appears on the screen either behind a Web page when someone leaves the site or on top of the Web site home page when someone first visits - Direct sponsorship – get advertisers name, “a program that carries an advertiser’s name in the program title” - Click-Through Rate- the rate at which someone who sees an ad on an internet site clicks through to learn more. This concept is more vital and effective; people may build more when it comes to advertising. It means people want to k
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