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LECTURE 1 -- SMC219Y1S Monday January 10, 2010 “The good scholars will be specialized generalists” – prophecy indicating disciplines after trends- disciplines encompassing others- see it in media studies, gender studies, and cultural studies – specializing and seeing importance of media studies in specific disciplines - Media- culture in the broadest sense Tests- half from textbook/ half from Xerox – true false and multiple choice for the textbook. Xerox – all essay questions Test #1- Jan. 10 to Feb. 7 Test #2- Feb. 7 to March 18 Test #3- all material Send a YouTube video with a paragraph attached – email TA or prof Lecture #1 – based on Xerox reading Theory Medium- Latin term “media” used most frequently to indicate one of the many different media of communication. Many media of the same kind. The word itself does not say anything about radio really. As a noun- means halfway point- centre or nucleus Word abused in a way that makes us unable to look at the full scope of the meaning of the word - Marshall McLuhan The medium is an object, of various natures, that is placed in the middle, between our senses and the external world, and functions as a tool of perceptions and instrument of apprehension - The medium is an object- a neutral, inert object becomes a medium by means of human involvement The straw becomes a medium via human involvement - The medium is an object of various natures- abstract nature, a form or part and organized form or part The form of a sonnet- lyrical composition, exists in terms of being an object and demanding human involvement. = Human creations that are the same – a straw, a stick and a sonnet Human involvement * and human creation First expression of human creativity- a stick, to a hit another human being- an extension of the arm and as such became a medium Medium is an object of various natures that is placed in the middle, between our senses and the external world The external world is the natural world. The natural world is not so much untouched nature but rather the nature that is natural to us. So when we talk about primitive, it is still contaminated. We are talking about the external world as being the natural world. Our own natural environment- that which we created plus the uncontaminated nature of Amazonia. The external world is all that which is external to us, a world which we have a primitive meaning, a stick, unspoiled territory. Recognize two things: 1. We behave in the same way with worlds out there external to us. We use same senses to look at different worlds. In the external worlds there are already worlds of media so there is a collective making of media activity out there that has created the world that has become natural to us. You can eventually reuse certain media… - Media creation is part of our identity - External world which is both natural and external to us (natural because comfortable with it) – once we have told this and we realize we are surrounded by media - Media as human creations Media as communication Human creation –means we can change the environment in which we live Frye- “Words with Power” and “The Double Vision” – the constant preoccupation of the author was to define “concerned concerns- humans concerned about creating work, no other human leaves behind a world of creation, humans make good- not something we do because we do something extra, we do it because creation is the chief identifier of human species – McLuhan “expression of hu
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