SMC229 Readers & Readerships - Lecture 2 , Reading in the Ancient World

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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Jessica Wolfe

SMC229H1ReadersReaderships January 17 2012 Lecture 2Reading in the Ancient WorldReasons for writingto pass things onto the next generation to create a collective memory by combining bits of knowledge from various people ability to communicate over distance However Writing is useless unless subsequent generations and people are taught to read otherwise the information that is written down cannot be passed on It is hard to reproduce communication accuratelythis is because human communication is not just words or writing but also body language tone etc Ex explaining a conversation or quote from a show to another person who doesnt get it 33 000 BCIn China ceramics with geometric motifs 23 000 BCIn Austria Venus of Willendorf 15 000 BCIn France Lascaux cave paintings 10 0004000 BCNeolithic era End of huntergathering lifestyle spread of animal domestication and agricultural techniques End of cave paintings 3000 BCStonehenge 1000 BCIn England White horse of Uffington can only be seen as a horse from above indicates that the culture who made it were interested in communicating with some power above Sumerian Timeline 3500 BCBlau Monument combines images and early writing Sumerians settle in Mesopotamia 3100 BCearly Sumerian pictographic scripts on clay Found in warehouses so were likely invented as labels2900 BCearliest surviving cylinder seals 2700 BCformal land sale contracts written in cuneiform 2600 BC earliest surviving papyrus fragments 2500 BCwedge shaped cuneiform 1750 BClaw code of Hammurabi
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