SMC229 Readers & Readerships - Lecture 4, Reading in the Renaissance & The Printing Press

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St. Michael's College Courses
Jessica Wolfe

SMC229H1ReadersReaderships January 31 2012 Lecture 4Reading in the RenaissanceThe Printing PressTimeline 1450sGutenbergs printed Bible 1470s Humanist printing in Venice and elsewhere Venice is stuffed with books 1490smany Venetian printers go out of business 15005Aldus Manutius prints small scholarly books 1517Luthers 95 Theses 1523First bible in German 1526 First bible in English burned 1530s Church of England breaks from Rome 1541an English bible required in every church 1590sShakespeares plays 160515Don Quixote 1611King James bibley First universities in medieval periodOxford Cambridge Began as communities of scholars More loose than we think of todayscholars might gather in a pub and read what they had been working on and students would drop by as they saw fit Still cost some moneyonly available to the rich Around this time that schedules began and town clocks began popping up With the advent of schools the need for books increased dramaticallynext to hearing a scholar speak the next best way to learn is to read their book y Gutenbergfrom Mainz Germany Prosperous town because it was on the Rhine river Invented moveable typey We know this because there were 2 well documented court caseshis production of pilgrim mirrors which resulted into him going into debt Because of this he took on some students One student died and his family demanded that they be taught in his place He refused and they took him to court The fact that Mainz kept such good legal records speaks to the increasing level of literacyy Previous to moveable metal type carved wooden type was being used obviously ineffectivecant be cast must be carved by hand not reusable
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