SMC229 Readers and Readerships - Lecture 9, Reading and Human Rights

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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Jessica Wolfe

Reading and Human Rights SMC229 March 6 2012This lecture was largely a discussion as many have been lately so my notes are not very detailed It was also shorter than usual as the rest of class was devoted to editing encyclopedia entries These are concepts that we discussedDisabled PeopleBraille invented in 1900s Some form of glasses invented in 1300sHellen Keller18801968 born fine but a childhood illness made her deaf and blind Her teacher Annie Sullivan was able to teach her to read Reading and Gender Womens book clubs In real life and in moviesother media Idea that women enjoyneed to read in groups and it empowers them somehow Reading and Sexuality For homosexuals reading literature about being gay allows them to get information know they are not alone and find support educate them about their rights etc centres in major cities geared towards gay peopl
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