SMC229 Readers and Readerships - Lecture 6, Reading and Love

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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Jessica Wolfe

Reading and Love SMC229 ReadersReaderships Lecture 6 on Feb 14 2012General OverviewRise of pornography and romance fiction o 1534 Aretinos Sonetti Lussuriosi o 1740 Richardsons Pamela o 1748 Clelands Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure tho Late 20 c Harlequin publishing companyReading about love from DanteShakespeare Millay sonnets love letters pop songs selfhelpReaders access and technological shifts photography music industry cinema internetReading and escape reading and class reading and gender reading and privacyNotesWriting comes from the desire to communicatelove lettersUnderstanding another person and loving them is like reading interpreting body language words and actions correctlyThe romance genre of literature and pornography are very old and can date back to ancient times In some ways they are the most popular genres because they never go out of stylethere is always a group of people who is interestedPeople get many o ftheir ideas about love from literature and other forms of art and media Without it we might not c
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