SMC229 Readers and Readerships - Lecture 8, Reading & Society in the 19th Century

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St. Michael's College Courses
Jessica Wolfe

thReading and Society in the 19 Century SMC229 ReadersReaderships Lecture 8 on Feb 28 2012th In the 19 c novels were the most popular form of reading whereas today more people tent to read nonfictionRise of realism genre people viewed novels as a kind of heightened reality so people tried to recreate thatIncrease of literacy children going to Sunday school were taught to read there in order to read the Bible then children would teach illiterate parents to readBetter financing of publishersprintersRise of the bestseller but even bestselling authors had financial problems due to poor copyright protectionGothic and romance genres geared towards females but still debate over whether or not women should be allowed to readfears that reading would give women new opinions and suggest unwholesome ideas Wealthy houses with libraries were often forbidden to the women who lived thereCirculating libraries were open to women but they charged a fee Despite the fee though they did not discriminate as long as patrons could pay the feeExtensive readingas opposed to intensive reading begins to be more valuedIndustrial revolution causes labour issues exploitation of workers led to unions rise of mechanical innova
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