SMC229 Readers & Readerships - Lecture 11, E-Reading Part 1.

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EReading Part 1 SMC229 ReadersReaderships Lecture 11 on March 20 2012 There was a long informal discussion about the pros and cons of ereadersProject Gutenberg as the inventor of ebooks They are an electronic public library founded in the late 70so First ebook was a typed up document of the Declaration of Independence They created digital versions of works in the public domain copyright expiredo They only choose texts that they believe will have a wide readershipo Their files have many accuracy problems such as typos and grammatical errors because they are typed up by hand by volunteers According to the founder Michael Hart this is not a big deal because their errors are small and what they do is still a great public service particularly for the casual reader The type of person who would care about a grammatical error is not their target audience oHart was concerned with preserving the file formats but at the same time by digitizing books they are making physical books obsolete o Limitationscan only digitize short works and no images due to space restraintsLibrary card cataloguesold system of records thrown out because they were outdated and dusty Can be seen as a metaphor for how librarians feltfeel about themselves Argument
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