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Review of bordieux Refleibity—idea that everything is a 2 way street (doesn’t have to be equal) Boundaries have retreated and expanded—in some ways, adv ; consumers have in some way changed what advertisers can do POST MODERNITY— MARSHAL MACLUH Guardani - Says that it is difficult to define postmodernity - It is designed to be difficult to defined - We are in them middle of it—difficult to define what youre in—unlike the past - Easy to say gay 90s, roaring 20s, --but at the time, not easy to identify as such - We know that change is happening but we have a great deal of difficulty b/w important changes and unimportant changes (decade of reality show.. or Obama..) what are they key characteristics that will define this decade—IDK! - One way of defining a time, is by defining what it is not (ex. Years leading up to wwi—time just before that. It wasn’t war) - What is postmodernism—way of creating modern literary, architecture, etc. o When is it? Mostly 20 century, up until 1980s th o 20 century is mostly modernist century - Now that modernism is over, we don’t know what has replaced it, but it is easier to define it - Modernism is built that there is one correct way of understanding the world ; ex. I have these truths, they can be any number of truths: science, technology, religion, culture --don’t have to be all, bthese are true, no matter what
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