SMC300 FALL - Full Semester (SEE NOTE)

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St. Michael's College Courses
Silvia Vong( Universityof Toronto St.George)

Week 1Sept 9 Class 1 NotesArchival objects always ask who what when where why and how when studying themResearch critical thinking skills LIBRARIES300BCE Great Alexandrian Library o Destroyed 48BCEChurches and monasteries built libraries and destroyed unchristian booksPatrons of libraries in medieval times were very noble upperclassAll books were rare books o Not many made o Crazy expensive o Handmade o So valuable that book curses were put on the booksGodly patrons took these curses seriously 1450GUTENBERG RENAISSANCELibraries separate from churchesie Royal LibrariesEstablishment of catalogingMembership libraries COLONIAL ERA USALibrary of Congress o Our version is Library and Archives CanadaIncrease in literacy o Families that had literate members would have around one or two books THTH19 AND EARLY 20 CENTURIESEstablishment of specialty librariesCensorship SPECIAL COLLECTIONSTypically containing rare books o Common in universitiesARCHIVESDO NOT use this interchangeably with special collections o Not librarians but archivists o Usually quite closed to avoid damage Librarians Gatekeepers Archivists GuardiansWhat are ArchivesLaura MillarArchivesinformation recorded and kept o Physical or electronic visual oral or writtenDefining records o Piece of information on some fixed mediumPaper holding words of a letterFile holding an email Archives are the records that are preserved and kept because of their valueRecords are documentary o ie is not fictionalizedRecords work as evidence CONTENT text images sounds or other info making up the substance of a record the what STRUCTURE How document das created and maintained the how CONTEXT Circumstances surrounding the creation of the record The who when where and maybe whyRecords are STATIC o No change in context or contentRecords are UNIQUE o Content structure and context kept in tactRecords are AUTHENTIC o Can be proven to be what it proposes to beAuthentic records can still contain liesfalse information This does not mean that the records are not authenticPerhaps even a census contains false information
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