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SMC300Lecture 3 1262012 11600 PM y SNS enable groups to org without hierarchies and systems that enable traditional organizations to function coordinate large groups and multitask y Says idea of limiting communications so only flow from one layer to next of hierarchy was part of very design of system at dawn of managerial culture y Flickr limited toolsnetworks sharing system of how to tag y Post managerial organization simply platforms whatever organization happening comes from users and projected onto site y Largescale coordination can now be achieved at low cost y Type of activity that doesnt generate profit y Group undertaking as progression ladder of activity higher up ladder deeper the level of engagement higher difficulty in achieving y Sharing fewest demands on participants participation largely individual y Cooperation involves changing behavior to synchro with others who are doing the same conversation give and take y higher level of cooperationcollaborative production participation involves coauthoring no one person take credit for what is created y Collective action most difficult requires group to commit to collective effort binding decision shared responsibility user identity tied to group critical cohesion of groupHidden Structures y Hearn look at web tools and analytics that measure manage and structure our feelings y Online reputation as one area where user participation is mined for value but question of where and to whom profit goes y Argues structuring of user affect and performance of self can be selfbranding wherein meaningmaking and selfidentity constructionperformance are directedstructured and manipulated by commercial interests to generate profitsvalue y Designed to evoke emotion how to present self most likely to be sellable to market researchers y Not reciprocal or shared eco value of relationship only available to developercontrollicense people not the people doing expressing
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