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Fan Networks 312012 121300 PMMediabased fandom fan tributes and derivative works on creative SNS platformsIntertextualityHP AllianceHarry Potter fandomArmy of fans activists social justice with greatest weaponloveNot in Harrys Namepressure on Warner Bros to use Fair Trade chocolateAccio Books books drive to build library for school in NY donate to local communitiesIdentify community awareness campaigns Strong online presenceFreedomculture debates copyright and actual legal disputesHPwriting about secondary characters ideas from mere sentences open up space for fans to talk about what they think decontextualize engage with texts critically Linkage between online participation and fandoms tangible outcomes in communityWe Love You SoBlog on Where the Wild Thigns AreFilmyears of work from hundreds of writers artists photographers musicians actors creatorsPlace established to shed light on many of small influences that converged to make massive project a realityExample of growing trend within media and marketing to support and tap into fan activity as way of fostering brand identity orchestrating viral and guerilla marketing strategies exhibiting cultural and social capital in with the communityVariety of fan activitiesBlurs lines between fans participatory culture and directed forms of guerilla marketing Theme of love recurringLovemarksmarketing theory about intense dedicated relationship people can develop towards brands media etc
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