SMC300 Cheat Sheet - Week 4

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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses

Week 4Locative Tech Location based service Locative mediaGeolocation Via GPS cell signal triangulation selfselectionGeocoding and geotaggingGeosocial mediaReviews and ratings Profiles Photos and videos Games Participatory maps Status updates and commentsSocial Coordination and CohesionAmong friends and strangers Emergency situations Political goals Identity ProjectionPlace used to broadcast an extension of ourselves albeit contrivedPlaces checked in vs not trendy vs walmartGiving VoiceNot just usergenerated content Consumer protectionMaking visible hidden histories ProtestsConcernsPrivacy Surveillance Useless advertising Spam and noiseGeoantisocial networkingHybrid SpacePlace is no longer a backdrop place merges with technology and we are cyborgs Redefining space and relationshipsTime and space compression ie Harold Innis railroad and media transportation and social network De Souze e Silve and FrithLocative mobile social networks LMSNsConnect people to physical spacesplaces reconnect RevealConnect people to each otherOne way allowing people to see each others position on a map and interact with one another according to their relative distance in physical spaceNew way technology mediates socialMediates relationships between user and physicaldigital spacesHighlighting physical Geography location within relationships among users connected in social network
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