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Week 5 Lecture 492012 32000 PMShifts in production and distribution culture media news infoDIYDifferent way of thinking about content people produce and share through social networks not merely interactions or data being mined but as form of cultural productioncreative outputIdea that culture increasingly interactive and customized implies activity and agency Gauntlettreveals linkages btwn user created content and DIY culture both in terms of the ways in which crafters and DIY communities use social networking and online tools to connect and amplify activities and producing digital content itself can be kind of DIY craft and creativityExpanded definition of creativity everyday creativity refers to a process which brings together at least one active mind and materialdigital world in activity of making something which is novel in that context a process evoking feeling of joy Arts and craftsUncovering links to prior movements practices where handmade and smateur produced cultural artifacts were central making and consuming postindustrializationrise of massproduced goodsImportant continuities between digital and physicalNot all online and offline creations share same traditions and properties but many doGauntlett encourages to move beyond discussing form to think about processes involved creativity making connections sharing learning building social capitalExamine as more than tech other traditions and practices to consider alternate history within which to contextualize much of current interestie Ele Carpenters Open Source Embroidery project highlights overlaps between embroidery and computer node including tradition of open source sharing of how artifact was madeGauntlettmaking digital content is like craft in the tinkering weaving from the ground up experience of making something maker imprints some of character upon work and audience sense presenceWeb 20 led to massive explosion in production and sharing of content and connection digital creative platforms YouTube web apps
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