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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses

Week 6Online Multiplayer Gaming Networks492012 42000 PMDIY vs UGCMaking vs customizing vs curating s modifying vs remixing vs creatingPhilosophical and pragmatic implication informs which activities are deemed legitimate also definitions in fluxBill C11 noncommercial user generated contentDigital games and communities play often creative practice play and creation play nd productionIndustry rely on independent producers immaterial labor of players ongoing control over distribution indie scene thriving gamers empowered group Problematizing the playerMagic circle play occur within it separate gameactivity being played from serious every day life drawn in time and space temporarily inside new madeup set of rules to which everyone buys inPlaydeeply important and meaningful sharing suspension of disbelief cocreation of imaginary shared universe culture generatingTaylorplayer to create character time to develop labor and qualities accomplishments owners provide raw materials for participator space but only through labor of players that dynamic ids created comm growUGC games LittleBigPlanet customization and support Modding beta testing community supportBetaplaytesting modding communities RD new talent wikis and walkthroughs gameloreMartin and Deuzeopen source movement software development kits by some developers to allow certain mods and apps Current emphasis on DIY for game design Martin and Deuze independent game dev and role that ntwk tech and digital distribution have in allowing diversity of content internet direct access to consumers for indies digital distribution shape structure and id of indie game devFile sizes reduced for accessibility graphics and audio sacrificed emphasis on abstractions mechanics story game as artGame platforms as SNSProduction of culture
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