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Week 12 Lecture 492012 74200 PM Big Brother IncRegulationexploitation of users content and immaterial labourconcerns of how data is used by authorities for widespread surveillance bypassing established rights and expectations criminalizing and punishing various online practicesIncreasingly involves collaboration voluntary to enforced between private sector providing servicesdata and state authoritiesBill C30 protecting children form internet predators actsother lawful access legislationsMP Toews under media fire target of protestshactivism campaigns revealing private info about him partner and personal life helped bring in bill c30 but indicated hasnt thoroughly read itother shocking statementsDissent can be dangerous value of anonymityPrivacy anonymity and politics whenwhere dissent can be dangerous how data is tracked and used can be life or deathSystems can be used against citizens value of privacy beyond publicEmployersfacebook passwords controversy Playful surveillanceEllerbrock research aims to better understand recent shift in public opinion about privacy associations between oncecontroversial surveillance tech and play leisure fun are key to unpacking shiftsFocus on automated face recognition systems from history of marginalization of vulnerable groups to new incarnations More playful uses of controversial tech fundamentally altered both popular representation and ways in which it is taken up by public moving form an id tech widely assoic with state controlbenign and user friendly computer applications for pleasure entertainmentserious presentation FR troubling history origins of various militarized id purposes boom following 911 increased funding and decreased public resistance CCTV border crossings continued difficulty in correct id false positives implicated in racial profiling design bias algorithms confused by darker skin discrimination
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