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St. Michael's College Courses
Daniel Donovan

SMC307 th March 20 2012 Eating Idols in the temple 1 Corinthians 8-10 - The elite feel as though they should do this. - Knowledge puffs up, wisdom builds up - Think of the members of the community - Think of the weaker members of the community - Chapter 9 is an analysis of “I” and his own history - Point of chapter 9 “of course I had the right, but I chose not to use the right for the sake of the Gospel” - Verses 1-13 - makes an appeal to the OT - He is going back to 8 but is now a little more tough - If you practice these things, you can get caught up in the things that they represent - We see two words are very important introduced here. - (gk) koinonia = (lat) communion (eng) communion - Table of the lord = (lat) caina Domonia - V.16 this is the first mention of the eucharaist - “participation” = sharing /communion of Christ - V.17 = in sharing in the bread and in Christ we all share in one another - We are drawn into one bread, and by doing so we are drawn into on another. - “Church makes the Eucharist and the Eucharist makes the Church” - The church makes the Eucharist meaningful, and in doing so, the Eucharist builds up the church. Do all things for the g
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