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Daniel Donovan

th November 15 2011 SMC307 Examination: A –Old Testament B C - Gospel of Justification through faith, if we lose the doctrine of justification then we lose everything - Luther is very Christocentric - Mix of Theocentric or Christocentric, they focus on God or on Christ - Luther thinks God is beyond our understanding so we must focus on Christ cause he is what we can understand. - Its easy to say Christ died for the sins of others but what defines our faith is that he died for OUR sins. - Read three texts from Calvin - If luther is the most important person in unleashing the reformation, and leaving his personal stand on the Movement. - Calvin carries Luther’s work forward developing it in new ways and practical wins, it reaches beyond the Germanic world to France Scottland England and the English speaking world. - Calvin was more of a Church organizer but a systematic theologian bringing things together to have an overall connection to everything - Calvin produced the institutes for the Christian Religion. - Calvin born in France July the 10 1509, younger than Luther, moving into the next generation - Studied arts at the University of Paris - Went to another university to study law, Orleans was the university that was very influenced by the Renescance. - He develops the discipline and rules that will influence his theological work at this time. - 1544 at some point Calvin (age 25) under went a religious conversion that he never tells us - First it made him a serious Christian, second it won him over to the reform movement - It also gave him a deep sense of vocation to the reform movement - 1535 he goes to Basil (Basel) and he will end up in Ge
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