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St. Michael's College Courses
Daniel Donovan

SMC307 th Thursday November 17 TUTORIAL Augustinian Monk Luther- - Routine in his life through prayer, - Holding vigils and fasts - Poverty, chastity, obedience - Lifestyle has enormous amount of structure - Why would Luther explore this time of lifestyle? - Pursued Christian Perfection or Holiness, you want to be a really good person before God. - Reading Romans 1:16, in the Gospel the Justice of God is revealed. - Luther reads this and feels anxious, how can God being a Judge be a good thing? - The just person lives by faith. - 95 Theses – indulgences - Sola Scriptura, - Luther said there are three sacraments, later he will say 2 - Becomes a distinguishing figure of Protestant faith, Sola Scriptura - Translation of the Bible, he had Printing press and Erasmus translation of the New Testament from Greek. 1516. - In the Old Testament he had the Hebrew Text of 39 books. - Gospel is the Key word for Luther’s works. He suggests getting over the idea that there are only 4 gospels. - What this means is that the Gospel and the Good News are anything that God has done for us, forgiveness, grace, the Gospel is any instance of the good news of salvation through Christ. - Luther takes this insight about the Gospel he looks at the New Testament, - Only the Apostles and Prophets can be ministers. - The Apostles called their successors, Luther claimed he was called through man, he has been called by the Magistrate and because he is learned in theology. - Fanatics have been called by no one. They act on their own. LECTURE: - Old English, immigrants came from northern Europe pushing the Celts back north south and west. So that the Anglo-Saxons too over, also known as Old English. - 1066 Normans the French came and took over England. - Old English became less attractive but out of this a new English starts to develop known as Middle English, this is the language of Chaucer and Julian of Norwich. - Early Modern English begins around the 1500’s and becomes a classical form during the Elizabethan perio
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