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SMC307 Tuesday October 11 2011 The New Testament and the Canon Inspiration, First Part was the general layout of the Canon what it is etc. Canon is the establishing of the list of Books that constitute the Bible. The Second part is about the Old Testament Parts of the scriptures go back really far beyond the time of Jesus Two famous moments in the Old Testament, 622 – King Josia’s story of the book of law appearing in the temple Ezra, Nehemiah is the second story. Israel gathered all the people and he read from the book of moses. The first five books of the Pentateuch existed as one unit and was seen as authoritative. These 5 books were seen as authoritative and were considered to be the Torah By year 300 they were recognized as authoritative Prophets were helping to understand the torah It seems today that many of the books in the bible today were not authoritative by the time of Jesus. There was the closed Hebrew Bible 39 books and the Greek bible with 46 books There were two variations of the Old Testament. There was no fixed final Canon in Palestine and Alexandria Some of the books in the Greek canon were written in Hebrew but were lost only known in Greek There was no closed canon for Christians until the earlier 3 century The Jews took the 39 book Hebrew Bible as their canon but others took the greek bible old testament with its 46 books. The Apocrypha: - Contains many books that provide insight into the period of time Immediately before Christ - The Apocrypha is the books that are in the Greek Bible that are not in the Hebrew. New Testament Why
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