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St. Michael's College Courses
Daniel Donovan

SMC307 th March 8 2012 1 Corinthians: - 1:10 - 4:21 general response to division and the real problems behind the division superior wisdom. - Something has already happened and changed, a gift has been given because of the Crucified Christ. Yet there is still a future, something to come. - Already and the Not Yet. Some documents emphasize what we have been given what we are now, while others focus on what we are heading towards. - Paul emphasizes the Not Yet the day of the lord the judgement etc. - Gnosticism, - Hellenistic wisdom speculation that comes from and reflects Philo and Apollos. - Paul might have tried to say, what are the good things involved in Hellenistic wisdom speculation. Paul makes no effort to find a common ground but simply confronts them because they are so far gone taking the Christ crucified off the cross. - Christ crucified on the cross is a gift that can only be understood by the grace of God - The people are spiritually immature. - 5-6 contain further reactions to things he have learned, - 7 Paul responds to questions from a letter of believers - 5-6 addresses 3 issues that can be called a Call for Community Discipline - Incest, civil courts, some of the community are having casual sexual relations with prostitutes. - The community is not addressing the issues which Paul confronts. - Chapter 5 Comments: - Here is something that was reported to Paul, telling
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