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Daniel Donovan

Tuesday October 25 2011th Augustine, Commentary on the literal interpretation of Genesis. - 388 or possibly 389 he writes this - He starts with the literal meaning of this text - But he ends by interpreting it in an allegorical way - In 391 he tries again and gives up and doesn’t publish it - At the end of his life he decides to publish it as an unfinished books - The third attempt is a different from a commentary but is the last three books of his work known as the confessions - He looks at time and eternity and the kinds of things god was doing before time - In 415 he wrote the text we are reading this week took him 10 years to write - The last and final attempt was in City of God and here he talked about the Origin of Sin, Basil of Caesarea - Wrote a book called the Hexaemeian - He read Origens works as well - Book 6 deals with the creation of Humans as detailed in Chapter 2 of Genesis. - What is the relationship between Chapter 1 v. 27 and the creation of human beings in chapter 2 - Are the two texts referring to the same creative act? Or are they two separate acts of creation? - He opts for the second possibility Chapter 2 is
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