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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Daniel Donovan

October 27 2011 Gregory the Great - 540-604 - Lived in a time of considerable turmoil in Italy - As a young man Greg was attracted to monastic life, he was talented and the bishop of Rome asked him to be a deacon. - He was acting diplomat, on a mission to - Moralia in Job the moral teaching in Job, however moral meaning life, and expectations God has for us. - He was not caught up in Augustines concerns. By his time the world had changed form that of Augustine. - They were confronting a Pagan world that was dying but was still there, trying to formulate a Christian understanding of the world over the Pagan one - Greg problems were to how to get Christians to become Christians. - TO greg, this was THE CHALLENGE, nothing else a pastoral challenge. A challenge dealing with morality and spirituality. - In this book he tries to meet this challenge. - Tropological Meaning, farfetched - Bernard of Clair Vaux - He represents a renewal movement in the tradition ironically after his death Monasticism loses its popularity it had. - After his death there is a shift from rural society to an urban one out of wich occurs Dominic and the mendican orders. - He was seen as the Last of the Fathers for his use of Scripture. - Born near Dijon 1090 in an aristocratic family. Several of his family were knights. - Deeply affected person. Sensitive to feelings - At 22 he enters a monastery at Citaux which was set up by reformed Monks. - Within a short time he founds a new monestary at Clavaoux - Came to become a movement known as Cistersians - Thomas Aquinas - We are going to read one article from his Summa Theoglica, Summary of theology which develops meaning of different theologies. Monasticism: th th - Monestaries were the dominate religious institutions from the 7 to 12 centries - They were major cultural centers for learning th - Rise of universities
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