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St. Michael's College Courses
Patrick Mc Gowan

SMC lec 20 Nov 21  Question of rights: Equity, Diversity and Religious Accomodation 2000-present o Ontario’s demography o Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy o Religious accommodation o Accepting schools act 2012  Ontario has changed in the last century o Brampton Ontario- Bill Davis 1960-84 to what it is today o There is more south asian ppl now, its busier more industrialization  Top 5 countries immigrating to Canada o China, Indian, Pakistan, arab, philipines o There is no catholic religion coming from these places only the philipines o Its all muslim in 2017 its estimated to be 20% muslim religion whereas Catholicism only got to 17 back in the day so this is going to decrease as the years come o Province changed demographically, culturally, religiously etc o For catholic schools 3 things come into play; foundational within the province  1. Sec 93: denominational rights that are guaranteed to the community by the constitution of Canada  How curriculum infused into the faith  2. Charter of rights and freedom 1982  3. Ontario human rights code  Sec 19  These three things had to be taken into consideration b4 anything was documented in the equity and inclusive education strategy in 2009  This task wasn’t easy  3 things are stressed in this strategy o 1. Diversity  “Wide range of qualities within a group; ethnicity, gender, culture, gender identity, language, intellectual ability, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, socio economic status, ancestry “ o 2. Equity  “state of fair inclusive and respectful treatment of all ppl”  “students see themselves reflected in their curriculum, physical surroundings and where diversity is honoured and all students are respected”  This language is quite idealistic  All school boards are to have this strategy implemented by 2012
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