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St. Michael's College Courses
Patrick Mc Gowan

Smc 313 lec 12 oct 24 2012, You will see this lecture in the future exams  Education reveolution 1961-1975 o Robarts davis o Structural reforms o Curriculum reform o Catholic high schools  Two important figures of education in the 1960’s  John Robarts 1961-71 o Premier of Ontario o Well spoken  William Davis 1929 o Minister of education o Lived in Brampton o Ran gov like a business o Very dull speaking  In 1964 very important structural change: The foundation Tax plan o Believe that each child in ont shouldn’t be put at a adv in school regardless of the situation they were in o Davis would look into every situation; like tax co-operate, mill rate etc o By 1969 the gap between public schools and catholic schools is closing at the elementary level. o Another legacy is school boards  In 1969 davis made all school boards county boards  They took all the boards and consolidated them into mega boards  Map of Ontario changes quite rapidly in this period o Another radical thing is in 1967  High schools are not put in place for French emersion o Funding is another radical thing  Funding of high school increases and bill davis company put high school on the course credit systems  Matriculation exam was done at the end of high school and then u would go to college or university; but during this year they created course credits instead of the passing of this exam at the end of the high school year  Disparity between catholic high schools($577 per head) and public high schools($1000 per head)  Area of curriculum o This has been a battlefield since beginning of education o It never meets a middle ground; there is reforms as governments come o In 1930s under mitch Hepburn there was a education reform, there were changes in the textbooks, more pictures, stories that were uplifting and far less violent  This didn’t last very long b/c the conservative got elected and thought this was to grey and its either black or white  Here we were to get back to basics of cadets, young men have to train, military, wars, patriotism, and that we need to teach these kids what happened so they are progressive citizens who know when to fight and when to not, what was right and what was wrong.  Emmet Hall and Llyod Dennis, together they pull together a commission to investigate edu in order to update it in this new era. o Commission reveals its report in 1968 o They called the document living and learning and it becomes hotly and debated o This essentially whipped away the conservative and liberal ideas of the grey/black/white o To essentially focus on the child “child centred” education system  Each child was different and was entitled to grow  The atmos
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