SMC313H1 Lecture Notes - Protestantism, Lumen Gentium, Pope John Xxiii

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Published on 27 Nov 2012
Smc 313 lec 13 oct 29
Catholic Revolution 1962-1965
o Second Vatican council
o Themes of the council
o Education and the council
Pope Pius the 12th 1958
o Very about sacredness
o After he died they elected someone a bit older 77 years old- angelo roncalli
Served as Vatican diplot in the military in paris and turkey
Very outgoing and jolly
He took the name john the 23rd but this created problems cause there was a pope that was
john the 23rd before but he wanted to get this title and put the other name
He approached people as he wasnt pope he would call the bishops brother bishop
He wanted to foster better relationships with non catholic Christians in the world and bring
about unity
So things begin to look diff in the Vatican b/c of him
Jan 1959 he went to the outside walls of rome and any major announcement from the
bishops they would of it on the inside of the walls of rome; but this guy went to do the
announce he would be convoking a ecumenical council
Councils are called for times of crisis and so when he announced a council everyone was
wondering what is the problem?
His crisis was how the church has to deal with the world/modern world and what we
need is an updating “aggiornamento
In 1962 this council was called
o 2500 bishops were in this council
He wanted to be providing peace and justice for people he was extremely passionate
about this subject
First two documents passed by the council are documents on liturgy and
constitution of the church called lumen gentium
o These play heavily on the themes of the council
o When the pope died and wasn’t able to see his own fruits of the Vatican
Paul VI continued on what john 23rd left behind and he carried it
through some tough storms
o Liturgysomething that grabs something in the pew
Western life liturgy was in latin and in the new liturgical document
from the Vatican 2, claimed the vernacular languages
We need ppl to understand what they are praying and
saying and the assembly needs to be more active
Priests back was to the audience
Ppl became more active and danced and sang
The tension arose between those of continuity of the past and those who are
accepting the changes
o The church changed the way it communicated to its people
It had to let the spirit work in different ways
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