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St. Michael's College Courses
Patrick Mc Gowan

Smc 313 lec 15 oct 31  Changes in religious education 1960-present o Old time religion o Innovation o Catholic school graduate expectations o Teacher training  If u were teaching in a hs prior to vatican u can count on teaching from two books o Generally it consisted of the books for catechism and a bible history  There were two catechisms that were popular  1. bulters catechism in ireland  2. Baltimore in usa o For bulter’s catechism  The lesson plans were simple and straightforward and each week the children were asked the same questions over and over and if they got it wrong they would sit in the corner with a dunce cap  You also learned prayers  Everything a child needed to know about god and religion was in the catechism  Ex: doing good, praying, commandments etc  Very graphic  Bible history o Usually published Gilmore o Also very graphic; stories of the bible like story of Abraham or moses etc  They would read the stories in different words they wouldn’t actually read the story that was in the bible but a paraphrased version  Innovation; catholic education was changing from what was content based ot that that was exponential; that is getting rid of the basic question/answer method and more relating to the child own experience st o 1 series introduce that replaced bulter’s or Baltimore was called “come to the father”  Know for less words more pics and more emphasis on god as love  They express more about god love in pictures, of unity, kids laughing etc  What they wanted was for kids to experience god as they experience life and not to commit to memory what someone else said about god  They didn’t want kids to be scared of god b/c of hell  They wanted to witness god in the world and this was seen in  They would read scripture, liturgy and living witness to god in the world
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