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St. Michael's College Courses
Patrick Mc Gowan

Smc 313 lec 15 nov 5  List cited works for essay  Catholicity through the curriculum 1976-present o Curricular change o Radwanski report 1987-8 o Catholic curriculum co operations  Living and learning (Dennis report) became a target o No one was satisfied with this particularly those that emphasized what was being lost here likes the basics of child learning and experience and child centred learning o Most complaint was that ppl couldn’t read or write properly and “Living and learning” were to blame o By early 1970s Robert Wells introduced the core curriculum  Yes there would still be choice that were living up to some expectations of living and learning but at the same time there have to be four core subjects that would appear in the high school transcripts; 4 in english and 2 in Canadian studies  Complaints: that this curriculum was racist, euro-centric, and a really white curriculum in terms of the examples of pictures are presented, no black ppl in the pictures, it’s a white curriculum in a multicultural country  In 1976; in grades 9-10 the following become mandatory: 1 scn credit, English, math, geo/history  They noticed that no physical edu was mandatory and this appears later due to the fact that the Olympics were in montreal and they wanted Canadian participation  French as well was not mandatory at this period but also becomes a mandatory class  As we see, this becomes more content educated base instead of experience based like living and learning promoted  1985 David Peterson o Peterson gov did was re-examine the edu system o George radwanski; his report fininshed in 1987 but published publically in 1987  He said L&L lacked learning outcomes;  Return to content
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