smc 313 nov 14

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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Patrick Mc Gowan

Smc 313 lec nov 14  Revolution Common Sense Style 1990-2003 o Review of bill 30 o Begin-kaplan commission o Harris revolution o Harris legacy    1984william davis announces the complete funding (not full funding) of schools all the way up to grade 13 o Bill 30; 1985- frank miller won the election; 52 seats in conservative o Ndp and liberals called collision/accord  Put the liberals in power in the time of two years  Resolve issue of sep schools and extra billings o 85-86; 2 provisos were mades: hearings and the bill would be challenged in the court to make sure it was legal  It did not prejudice the charter of rights and freedom o Section 136:Ndp will only support this bill; first any teachers who had been declared redundant in public system would be able to work in catholic schools for the span of 10 years  2 = open access; secondary panel 9-13, student regardless of background could go to a catholic high school; no restriction on religion  Muslims; they preferred religious base system than to secular system, so they would go to catholic schools, because many schools back home were actually from religious orders  1990; ndp; david cook; decided it would rethink education o Called the “Begin-kaplan commission” (Monique begin; Bob Kaplan  Head of ICE @ the time was there on the behalf of catholics- Denis Murphy  1995 in the dying days of this government they put out a massive report  What this commission proposed was: recommended 136 B be deleted; the 10 years were up and the government need to delete to that the catholic tradition was preserved; dennis had lot to do with this  2 thing; greater degree of curriculum support for Catholic Schools rd  3 ; should be more RC representation in the education community/ministry  4 foundations course made available in every faculty in the country o Many teachers did not know baout the system they wanted to teach in  Commission recommended that the corse to train CS be a credit course not an extra, this is still a struggle o Government here was defeated including their recommendation like Ontario college teachers  However this changes in with Mike Harris in 1995 in an election that everyone thought that liberals were going to win and now a common sense commission was going to happen  This is a part that wants to cut gov spending and reduce taxes o Edu was something they had firmly in their sight  1 minister in this period of mike harris was John Snobeln; didn’t even have an high school diploma, he was awarded the diploma once he became st o His 1 task= reform education o “we have to invent a crisis”; his crisis students were that Ontario students were falling behind and failing to meet standards and too many trustees and too much time and money spent out of the classes
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