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University of Toronto St. George
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Patrick Mc Gowan

smc 313 oct 15 lec 10  The French, Catholics and education 1871-1944 o French language schools o Catholic vs catholic o Regulation 17 o Battle for bilingual schools o Resolution  Section 93 protected religion but not language  In 1885 it was that everyone was suppose to be taught in English o In 1890 there was able to be another language to be taught and it was French o Bilingual schools; school that were essentially French schools and now being taught in English o Problems with this: population increase in francophones; 1871; 30,000 (French Canadians)  1881; French Canadians are getting on board with paper and pulp increasing, mining increasing etc there were 102,000 people and in 1911 there is 202,000 ppl o In 1907 robert seller (journalist) writes book of tragedy of quebec and ho the francophone’s who took away Anglican/protestant out of their homes, because they would go to farms o Anglican/prot didn’t like the francophones because they were taking away their teachings and taking over  University of Ottawa founded by Guigues o Was suppose to be bilingual; English and French  Problem was the enrollment were sometimes more heavily English and sometimes was more French  An oble priest Micahel F Fallon o He wanted to assert Anglican phone rights o The oble force is forced to take him out o He then goes and sends of to buffalo  Immigration became problem between these two catholic community (French vs English’s) o 1896-1914 period; of immigration from polishes, Italians, Slovakians, Maltese o Problem is you have English on one side and French on the other side and then all these other cultures in the middle and all are roman cahtolic o Sudbury is most multicultural land in Canada  1909 micahel F Fallon becomes bishop of Anglicanphone nation this was very problematic b/c it
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