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Patrick Mc Gowan

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Smc 313 Lec 18 nov 19  Business Partnerships in Catholic Schools 1990-Present o Harris Legacy o Catholic Social Teaching o Schools and Bursaries o I.C.E Guidelines  Changes in political climate in Ontario because of the changes in ideals and visions government has for its province or country  Harris legacy o Fewer school boards o Linear and meaner system o 26 catholic school board stretched across the province of Ontario o Fewer salaries to be paid out in trustees o Finance; size shift; all moneys would go to the central government and then would be distributed to everyone equally called equal back pack; ½ billion $ were taken out of this system o Internally the curriculum moved into testing and outcomes of what is taught, it was a lot more testing 3 6 9 for eqao and elimination of gr 13 st  1 yr calculus in gr 12 was hugely a failure o Over taxed in tax payers; this is rather troubling there is a catholic teaching that imposes on this which involves social justice; these principles were considered the secrets of the catholics because they were going to cause revolution and they did later on st  1 principle is justice; allowing each his own and not interfering  There is distinguishing between charity provides needs and justice  Charity is absolutely necessary to find the immediate need but justice is finding out the root of the need and stopping it; justice is more radical which means root nd  2 principle is dignity; because they are persons created in image and likeness of god  With this dignity comes corresponding rights o Right of employment, to health cares, freedom of speech and movement etc  3 principle; responsibility to serve the common good; you have the right to speak but the corresponding good to speak truthly and justicely and wisely  U have right to private property but you also have to share that property when someone needs it th  4 witness in public squares!- put your thoughts into action  Its talking about having a voice and to bring justice th  5 preferential option for the poor; absolutely essential because the rich will always be poor but the poor need help Jesus was only with the poor  This is fundamental to these principles  6 - work  The more u work for a priority the more dehumanizing it becomes  Work was there for you you were not there
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