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SMC313H1 lec 2 September 17, 2012  Origins of separate schools time line 1174-1850 o Catholics o Alexander macdonell o School act 1841 o Revisions 1843 o Power and Ryerson  Never been a separation of church and state in cnda; in the states there is  There was historically till 1982 a notion of collective rights** o Groups of ppl have rights under the crown(constitution)  1774 quebec act** o British had conquered much of the territory of france in 1763 o In 1774 british declared that the Catholics would have the rights and privileges restored  This is a set of collective rights given to the catholics that only people in the british empire that had these rights were the catholics in upper/lower cnda  Native people, French Canadians, irish (they came into the province starting 1815, and were very large catholic groups), the scots (most influential group of catholics) o The scots migrate to the centres of power because Macdonall  Alexander Macdonell o Migrated to Glengarry-1804 o Connected with british government and military o Considered as a conservative (political party) o Made sure that the catholics were always on the centre of power o When he wanted catholic schools he would contact his friends in the empire and petitioned that money be given year after year to the masters of the schools who were mostly priests o By 1826 the gov awarded Mcdonell 700 pounds for funding for the schools  this became fixed in the 1830’s o dies in 1840  school Act 1841; Day act o embedded into this act in 2 sections 11 +16 were accommodations of religious minorities (separate schools closests)  ex: section 11 gave protestant and catholics the right to create their own schools; which created a clause of separate schools; but it never said how many o problems with the day act because of they way things were specified  Revisions: Francis Hincks o Noted politician o Under section 55 you had to have 10 rate payers(if
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