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University of Toronto St. George
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Patrick Mc Gowan

Smc 313 lec 8 oct 3  Changes in catholic teachers timeline 1870’s-1970’s o Laicization o Money o Unionization o Professionalization  Paper review oct 15 o 1000-1250, 5-6 pages o Do not retell the book you need to identify the THESIS; mostly in the introductions you will find this o Be consise in how u describe his overall approach o Don’t speak too much about Newfoundland Alberta etc o His arguments that support thesis o Your own critique at the end of the report  There is a demand in the 1940s more catholic teachers because there is a huge population increase of parents who want their children in a catholic school o Laymen and laywomen are being called to be teachers o Many females were going away from being in religious orders because employment was available for them o We are seeing a laicization in Ontario at this time which means they are taking the plunge and teaching in public schools and they are inexpensive (normally $200 a year) whereas laymen received $600 a year o As money pressures build their will be emphasis to build a community that go against certain ideas and acceptances (strikes) o 1944oecta ont. Eng. Cath. Teachers. Associationthis is the first unionization for teachers; arises out of the fact that catholic teachers found it hard as layppl to earn a living wageit was a pure layppl and religious men/women org  Within 5 year spand members went from 1600 (1945)- 2,300 in 1950  There was tension between what religious orders and women receive vs what layman receive; religious orders  Laymen said that religious orders don’t deserve higher wages because they don’t have the same high expenses as a layman(also extended to laywoman) like mortgage, shelters, insurance taxes etc  Professionalizationhow do u become a teacher? o In old days all u needed was high school diploma and 2 years at the normal school (where u learnt he norms of edu) o Many people in religious orders did not have 2 years of normal school  Many ppl thought that if the sisters went into the normal schools they would be corrupted by the protestant ways of teachings  So the religious orders set up their own and it was enough o In 1904 ottawa there were arguments between: Those w
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