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Patrick Mc Gowan

Smc 313 lec 4 sep 24  Foundations of catholic education 1850-1867 o Population o Legislative precedents o Tache act 1855 o Scott act 1863 o Bna act 1867  Catholic legislative tripod / 3-legged stool o 1.Tache, 2.scott, 3.BNA acts  They are the bedrock in which catholic schools sit  Legislative basics o 1800only three parishes in all of Ontario they were in really out west or really out east and they were only serving about 5000 catholics1/4 of the population o 183940 parishes in all of Ontario and catholic pop of 87000 ppl and at the time it was 1/5 of the whole province pop o 185595 parishes; 168000 catholics in the province (18.5%) o 1847148 parishes; 268000 catholics in the province (18%)  In 1840’s we see the provisions in the catholic system and in 1850 they tried to re-establish the template/act in this act to form a school you had to have 12 ratepayers and 3 trustees and the rate was collected by the common local school o One individual that fought against this was Charbonnel o Problems with this: hard to find 12 ratepayers  Teachers keep moving in an out because ppl offer more money or better positions o 1855 Etienne Tache; proposes a bill; people found this as a surprise because he wasn’t even in the legislative party/seating proposing a bill for the opposite side of which he lived; he was a French roman catholic Canadian, proposing this bill to Ontario  His bill said: 5 ratepayers  Yours sons/daughters didn’t have to attend the school if you were a teacher; as long as you were catholic  Non catholic teachers could create/ teach in the school o This bill was the tache act ** o Tache act was the “management act” (the right to manage catholic system education) o This is exclusive for only catholic schools not protest.
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