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Smc 313 lec 7 October 1  Teaching and religious orders 1840’s-1940’s o 1. Religious orders  Growth  Founder/charism  Rule and community  Service  Canadianization and decline o 2. The players(would all wear different things to distinguish themselves); names of religious orders  Many came from overseas from france/Ireland in the 1900’s  IBVM  SJ  CSB  BCS  GSIC  CSJ  19 cent Ontario becomes a heavy industrial area with pulp and paper and mining and this attracts people so population increases with then comes with more constructions, more services, and more businesses which this all attracts even more people and so this is a rapid increases and growing Ontario; prior to this cent, Ontario was mainly rural o So now the educational system has to be in balance with this fast growing Ontario and the catholic school board didn’t have the money like the public schools did so they struggled to make catholic schools with such adequate resources and accommodations o How does the system survive then?  It wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for priests, nuns, sister and brothers of the church that would write curriculum, managed and taught in schools, and donated their money back to these schools  1851 there was 17,000 nuns, priests etc and in 1961 there were 160,000  There was a huge attraction to service and religious order o What is a religious order?  Service to public and charity  Normally a religious order is based on something that the founder implants and inspires a certain charism that becomes a touch stone for others and attracts  Eugene de Mazenod  In 1816 he decides a new move for evangelization o Why? Because there is great despair, disbelief, and hurt for a long time o And he quotes scripture” i come to give good news to the poor”  Not the physically poor but the spiritually poor/dry  He founded OMI(oblates of many immaculate)  Women were more likely to enter a religious order because it was an alternative for the marriage life who were not being able to advance in the society  Marguerete de youville th  18 cent  She created a religious order with the moto “hands to the needy”  They are known as the grey sisters (not b.c they wore grey)  Had interest in helping orphans, young sing
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