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Lindsey Eckert

Media Revolution Lecture Notes September 13 2013 Hermeneuticsphilosophy of interpretation on a philosophical and cultural level Theory and Practicepraxiswhats happening how does it affect us psychologicallyculturallyWhat are media revolutionschanges and perception as they relate to media such as expression and communication throughout history literacy to writing to printing press to electric to internet to the digital agehow it has affected culture and society change in the media that dominates communication and expression in society What do people want in advertising how do people think Dominant power structure How media relates to power September 20 2013 Form of the media has a direct relationship with form of thoughtformidea of material position structure style consistency shapeform is essential to the way it affects society McLuhan says artist challenge status quo of form The Gutenberg galaxy iscontrasted forms ofo experience body o mental outlookmind and perception o expressionslanguageno matter what the medium is it has an effect on our body mind and language far from being deterministic the reason why we study media is to become more autonomous and conscious of ourselves and create positive social change Medium as extension grounding point for the medium is the message of our individualityHuman the tool making animalwere always extended into our medium The second that we start using the medium it becomes part of ourselves it affects our sensesSense ratiosthe human being is made up of accommodation of senses every time we engage with a medium we are actually extended into it which dominates our experience today man have evolution of weaponevery single thing we use is a medium our extended faculty our technology now demand we have a society that is kind of all over the place and it is different the reason being is gain that sense of autonomy rather than dependencyit happens on both society and individual level Understanding Mediaamplification and amputation always relates to the idea of sensory Such implicationas counter irritantselfamputation forbids selfrecognitionyou enter into a sense of numbness because you cant feel it nervous system the way we process information we lose our individualism we must go numb or we will dieSeptember 27 2103Hybridization a mixture of media creates new mediaWe keep progressing as new media is createdthis has a direct relation to forms of media thought physicality expression
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