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Mark G.Mc Gowan

Smc 313 lec 10oct 17  The two great questions 1900-1949 o High schools o Tiny townships case 1926-8 o Corporate tax o Catholic taxpayers association  Ryerson in 1871 creation of high schools o Very few people went to high schools vast majority who were farmers wouldn’t go to HS because it wasn’t expected o In 1867 there were no HS and so government didn’t have to fund the HS because it wasn’t in law nor in section 93 and because it was in law, in 1871 they also didn’t get funding o There becomes a disconnect between Ontario and quebec b/c quebec had funding o 1900 there were 42000 students registered in common schools and in 1925 there were 95000 and there was pressure to get these students to advance in education and so Ontario wanted high schools so problem was now how to get it  Fifth book classes o The books 1-4 for the common/elementary schools gr 1-8 o Fifth book was for grades 9-10 o What develops out of this amongst catholics are “continuation schools”(schools that r set up in rural areas that cover everything both elementary and secondary school curriculum); this was less funding for the government b/c all grades were all in one building and it wasn’t necessary to make two separate buildings  Three bishops who were pushing for HS was Neil McNeil, Fallon, and O brian o Pushing on the edu scene but this clear that the gov at the time doesn’t budge o Sec 20 in the scott act says provision of equity (if gov gives to one edu project it was obliged to give it so others)  These bishops took the government to court and used the scott act against them  Tiny Township Case o Tiny vs king o Is the gov obliged to fund RC (roman catholic), HS? o The bishps questioned double taxation o The court is in favour for the government even under sec 20 + 93 o It then goes to judicial committee privy council and they also favour the government o The silver lining is the continuation schools they said they’d get funding for the grades 9-10 but the government told them they’d only get funded at an elementary level b.c the curriculum in HS lvl is more expensive
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