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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Reid Locklin

 Ethics and conscience – Latina Christology out of Latina struggle against injustice o Kingdom to kindom (family)  Aboriginal and self-sacrifice… o Lord, surrendering, empowering o Incarnation of logos  Asian and western influences, missionaries o New meaning out of old language… powerless women o Liberator/martyr o Suffering servant o Lord o Immanuel o Mother o Worker/grain  Question of intellectual/philosophical understanding being necessary  Cultural translation -> loss of traditional faith?  Whole community benefit from muterista theology? Risks?  Message vs acculturating  Question of adapting, limits, and power, normativity  Need for political action and solidarity, theology of hope  Praxis – idea of reflection on action, taking action  Reimagine, revise traditional ideas  Particular experiences of oppression  liberation theology  Gaudium et Spes… possibilities of engaging with modern world and politics  Focusing on unjust political structures  Moltmann, stop short of giving theology revolutionary role, only see as able to critique, not
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