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St. Michael's College Courses
Reid Locklin

 Sotieriology  Salvation is an intrahistorical reality; inside not outside history  History is one  Salvation embraces all persons and whole person  Integral liberation – Guitierrez  Quantitative to qualitative (extensive to intensive)  Historical reality of sin  Political liberation; creation of new order, human self-creation, histroci salvific act  First salvific act – Creation  Christo-finalized, one history  Recreation and complete fulfillment  New creation form work of Christ, liberation from sin, new chosen people  Eschatological promises, future and historical present, bible as book of promise  Historical promises, beyond forseeable, hope for gift  First realization of promise: covenant  Temporal liberation of Israel  Christ the Liberator, human act transformed into perfection, fullest sense  Temporal progress and growth of kingdom  Moltmann  History as means to look at what’s beyond us, transcendent  One human destiny  Dividing to corporal and spiritual reality  Salvation and new creation connected  Creation, Exodus, salvation (in Christ) -> one act  Different things going on as things go wrong  Creation: always talking about new creation, all interrelated  Political act… any 1 of 3 apply to other 2  Including oppressed and excluded (all persons),  Schema of Ancena (one history, unity of human vocation) before Council… lose unity of natural and supernatural order -> problem in document since divides people and activity up, one reality  Deifies political activity  Inclusion  Struggle for just society part of salvation  Sin – impediment to communion  Praxis, action-reflection process  Johnson – praxis o Situation o critique o searching tradition for resources  question of some vs all  Christological sense of salvation  Anselm doesn’t talk much about Jesus but conclusion is God man… Gutierrez too  Exodus telling what Christ means, shaping interpretation  Paradigmatic  Johnson and Gutierrez – Christ as Liberator  Gregory of Nessa – sin - enslaved to devil – salvation to liberate from that  Anselm – see Gregory as myth, sin as debt, owing back to God with God man liberator  Calvin – sin as alienation of God, bre
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