SMC330 Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Reid Locklin

 Meaning of Jesus chapter 1  Gospels lead to divinity of Jesus  Importance of believing in him  Popular vision becomes historical… need historical and divine  Nature of gospels in developing traditions (one of Jesus, other of early Xtian community), history metaphorized and remembered  Post-Easter Jesus and Pre-Easter Jesus (real man vs divine)  Macro lens, importance of world view  Secularlism vs religious  Q (Quelle) and Mark  Chapter 2  Jesus of history and Jesus of faith, splitting is symptomatic of the West  Apocalyptic writings of day as evidence to…  In attic: history as faith divorced from history vs in dungeon vice versa  Need for view encompassing both  Only real facts of Jesus are what apostles/gospels left  Q theory  Biblical Commission  Exegetes (interpreter of scripture) to use early interpreters and add to it, not ignore it, employ new methods (historical context), heed advice of Pope (Form- Critical Method), to use all means available to interpret scripture properly  Keeping mind on who is the audience/preached  If all rules observed, study of scriptures will contribute to the benefit of the faithful (i.e. salvation)  Controls on interpretation  Borg: “slice-and-dice” method…  Biblical Commission: multi level understanding of how gospels took shape  Wright:  Mark, Matthew, Luke, John might not be attributed to the apostles  Putting together narrative for persuasion  Traditions of hymns, short statements (kerygma) that have formulaic character suggesting early professions, miracle stories  Matthew, Mark and Luke have similar narrative structure, sypnotic gospels “same eyes” (vs. John)  Literary relationship be
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